Simple but Unforgettable 17th Birthday Decoration Ideas!

Simple but Unforgettable 17th Birthday Decoration Ideas!

Teens aged 17 will likely ask for a party, event, or fun activity to celebrate their birthday. Entering the age of 17 is considered a special achievement as it marks the change from «adolescent» status to «adult».

A 17th birthday should be celebrated as a special time, therefore it is not surprising that the party decorations must be designed in such a way.

For those whose parents have deep wallets, luxurious parties with lots of events, expensive cakes, super beautiful decorations, and held in buildings that have been rented may be commonplace. However, actually celebrating a 17th birthday party with simple decorations and doing it at home is enough according to

1. Black and white theme

The black and white color combination theme looks elegant and will definitely make your 17th birthday celebration unforgettable. You only need a few decorations, you can make this decoration.

The essence of this theme is the lighting arrangement. It’s best to only provide lighting in a few important parts, such as Happy Sweet Seventeen (gold), the main table (white), and between the balloons left on the floor (white).

2. All-floral theme

Want a 17th birthday decoration that is more feminine or girly? A theme with floral decorations might be the right choice. The flowers here are not real flowers, but cloth arranged to resemble flowers so that the size can be determined by yourself.

The image above can be an example if you want to use it. Decorative lights hanging down the walls will make this decoration even more beautiful.

3. Brownish gold theme

The way to make it is to prepare an empty wall in the main room of the house, make decorations like the picture above with a width of around 1.2 meters and a height of 1.75 – 2 meters. The balloons attached to the walls are brownish gold while the ribbons hanging down to cover the walls are silver. Also prepare some flowers on top to make the wall decoration even more beautiful.

For tables, it’s best to match the wall decoration. Prepare a medium-sized square table covered with a silver table cover. The decoration on it is a combination of gold, silver and brownish gold.

4. Polka dot color theme

This color theme is coveted because it looks simple but still looks elegant. This happens because the contrast between the two colors is clearly visible, so when combined these two colors will complement each other.

To make it, simply prepare a wall decoration that says ‘happy birthday’ or ‘sweet seventeen’ which is hung dangling almost in a semi-circle. The walls are bright white, the table cover is white and there is a large polka dot sheet in the middle.

5. Metallic gold and black themes

It is important to give short but meaningful birthday greetings to those who have their 17th birthday. But considering that it is a historic day for him, don’t just say birthday wishes, celebrate it with a simple party, it doesn’t matter as long as you can feel a happy atmosphere with family and friends.

This decoration can add a happy atmosphere with sparkling gold and black colors. Even though it seems complicated and luxurious, aka it costs a lot, it actually only consists of a few decorations.