The Record for the Longest Match in Dota 2 Has Been Broken Again, This Time Reaching 6 Hours and 8 Minutes

The Record for the Longest Match in Dota 2 Has Been Broken Again, This Time Reaching 6 Hours and 8 Minutes

Dota 2 is one of the dota 2 terbaru games, a moba game whose gameplay cannot be instant and ends quickly, the average match duration reaches half an hour to an hour.

But there are also some matches that last for hours, previously the record for the longest Dota 2 match was 5 hours 3 minutes. This record has just been broken with a new figure of 6 hours 8 minutes.

The longest match in the history of Dota 2 took place on February 10, the battle took place on the Russian region server. This match is in ranked mode, with the average rank being Archon.

This tiring match ended with Radiant’s victory, with the total kills obtained reaching 383. This victory could be said to be a landslide, because Dire’s side only got a total of 99 kills.

If we analyze a little, actually with a draft like this of course Radiant will benefit more because considering that the 3 heroes they use can do infinity scaling. Pudge, Legion Commander and Slark can get permanent status buffs from their skill sets.

I don’t know what made Dire’s side so strong that they were able to hold this match for more than 6 hours, of course with that duration both teams already had maximum items.

It can be seen that all the heroes already have items of the same level, the items Aghanims, Moon Shard, Heart of Tarrasque and Divine Rapier seem to have become normal items when the match has reached 6 hours.

Another interesting thing can be seen from the Legion Commander who even managed to collect 10,000+ damage from his ultimate result. There is also Slark who managed to collect 59 permanent agility and Pudge with an additional 230 Flesh Heap.

If Revival friends had the experience of competing so far, what would Revival friends do to finish it?

The following is the size of Dota 2 in 2023!

Dota 2 is an expansive game that has a lot of content such as 124 heroes and more than 200 items, thousands of cosmetics. All of these assets take up disk space, and some players may notice that the amount used by the PC is quite large.

But what size is Dota 2? Want to know specifically what the game file size is? Check out the reviews here.

What size is Dota 2?

Although Valve’s official requirements state that the game requires at least 15 GB of disk space. However, the actual size on a new installation will take up around 47 GB of space.

In fact, this game will be more consuming for old Dota 2 players. Because Dota 2 will require a few more gigabytes to download replays and Custom Games.

Can the size of Dota 2 be reduced?

Unfortunately, there is no way to reduce the game size by 43 GB significantly.

This game file can be very bloated with old files or files that are not needed such as events that have passed or items that have not been released. With the Spring Cleaning update that has been confirmed by Valve, it is hoped that the file size of this game can be reduced and make more sense.

For players who have a Dota 2 file size much larger than 38 GB, maybe you have lots of Custom Games and Replays. By deleting it, you can also save a few GB.

But keep in mind that Replay will be stored on Valve’s servers for only eight days. In other words, Replays of matches older than eight on your disc will no longer be available for download once deleted.