Typical Czech Food which is Famous for its Delicacy

Typical Czech Food which is Famous for its Delicacy

If you want to try Eastern European cuisine, maybe you can visit the Czech Republic. Here you can taste some delicious Czech food. There are two elements that are very typical of typical Czech food, namely thick soups and various types of thick and creamy sauces that are served with meat or other foods.

The main ingredients in typical Czech food are potatoes, meat and root vegetables as well as sour cream, which is widely used in many dishes. For you lovers of delicious meat dishes, rich sauces or want to try something sweet, don’t miss the following info about the following 10 Czech specialties!


Fazolová is a traditional Czech pea soup. Although there are many variations, the common ingredient is large white beans cooked in a flavorful stock with root vegetables, potatoes and bacon. Sometimes the recipe can be changed by adding sour cream or thickening it with flour.

In this country, this rustic dish is one of the most common types of soup and can be found in many traditional restaurants. Smažený sýr is always served hot and especially enjoyed as a warm appetizer.

Smažený Sýr

Have you ever tried the typical Czech food in the form of fried cheese? So, if you visit the Czech Republic, try Smažený sýr. This is a common street food in the country. This food is in the form of sliced cheese, generally Edam, Gouda or Muenster cheese, which is breaded before being fried in a little oil or deep fried with a lot of oil.

Smažený sýr is served with French fries, salad, rolls and the Czech version of tartar sauce, namely tatarská omáčka. Variations of this dish use Hermelín (Czech camembert cheese) or Niva (Czech blue cheese). If you want to try lighter foods, not just meat, try this one. Try Smažený sýr which is sold at street food stands.


There are several foods that we can find in Czechoslovakia, such as food in the form of cakes or bread which are typical or can only be found in Czech. Maybe this food will not taste or look foreign because this food is in the form of bread filled with vanilla cream and caramel. The shape of this food is also not too flashy or different from other bread or cakes. What you should know about this food is that you can find it in various sizes. You can even find mini sizes for these meals. In addition, this food is also easy to find in cafes or bakeries.


known as Kolache. This food is known as one of the traditional Czech foods which is bread with a sweet taste and can be found easily when you are in Prague. This food also has several different sizes ranging from small to large. In addition, this food can also be eaten with additional jam or cheese. Not only that, you can also enjoy this food with warm coffee and enjoy it during the day or for breakfast in the morning.


Kuljada is a Czech specialty of creamy potato soup topped with mushrooms, fennel and vinegar. There are many versions of this dish, Kuljada is traditionally made with sour cream but some are made with cauliflower and vegan butter to give the soup a creamier texture. A traditional Czech dish mostly meat-based, Kuljada is one of the delectable food options for vegetarians in the Czech Republic.


Knedliky is one of the most popular side dishes in Czech. Knedliky is a type of Czech dumpling. This dish is made from mashed boiled potatoes and added salt, eggs, flour and semolina. Then the ingredients are kneaded until smooth and rolled up. This dough is not fried but boiled in boiling salted water and served like pieces of rolled sponge cake.

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