Benefits of Consuming Seafood, One of which is Good for Skin Beauty

Benefits of Consuming Seafood, One of which is Good for Skin Beauty

Food as a source of nutrition for the human body is not only useful as a booster for the stomach. Each food ingredient has different levels of vitamins and nutrients. There are many benefits for our body. One type of food that is popular and considered delicious is processed seafood or often called seafood.

We often encounter processed marine products from fish, shellfish, crabs and squid in various restaurants or stalls that specifically sell processed seafood. Basically, these various marine products already have a savory taste to match with various spices. Seafood fans may not really pay attention to its benefits for body health. Because, for seafood lovers in general, delicious taste is the main goal. Though seafood has a myriad of nutrients. In addition to its delicious taste, it turns out that seafood contains various uses for the freshness of our bodies. One of them, consumption of seafood is good for skin beauty.

1. Healthy heart

Eating seafood properly and in moderation can keep your heart healthy. Seafood contains a fatty acid called Omega3. These fatty acids can prevent blockages in the arteries. In addition, Omega3 can increase heart activity.

2. Maintain freshness of muscles and bones

Seafood contains a variety of nutrients, including protein and zinc. These two nutrients are useful for slowing down the process of bone degeneration, preventing arthritis, and strengthening joints.

3. Prevent eye degeneration

The content of Omega 3 in seafood is also beneficial for our organs of vision. These fatty acids can prevent aging of the eye’s performance. Salmon is one of the seafood that contains lots of Omega3.

4. Healthy skin

Omega3 can be called a nutrient that has many benefits. In addition to caring for the health of the heart and eyes, it turns out that omega3 also has benefits for our skin. By consuming one type of food that contains omega 3, we can also get soft skin because fatty acids from seafood can support the repair of damaged skin cells.

5. Maintain immunity

Seafood has good levels of selenium and iodine for the immune system. Iodine can even specifically treat the digestive process and boost our immunity.

The above are five uses of seafood consumption for the health of the body. How can seafood lovers increase their impulse to eat seafood? Especially for women, there are not only full stomachs, but also the benefits of eating seafood for beauty. But it must be underlined that these various benefits can be obtained with the right and not excessive diet.

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