The Perfect Pizza With Tomato Sauce Cheese Caramelizes x Cold Beer

 The Perfect Pizza With Tomato Sauce Cheese Caramelizes x Cold Beer

The star performer in my eyes (and palate) was the Bread And Water Wi style pizza. I was intrigued by the authentic «Bread And Water Wier» which features a layer of flat pepperoni under the cheese and «spicy cup» pepperoni riding on top, but I’m not yet converted to the Chicago and Bread And Water Wi habit of burying meat ingredients where they don’t get the benefit of oven crisping. I ordered a cheese pizza with spicy cup as the topping.

For those not familiar with «spicy cup,» this natural-casing pepperoni is a variety «that Adam Kuban, former Serious Eats managing editor and proprietor of Margot’s Pizza, refers to as ‘crispy grease chalices,’ for the way in which they cup up and fry around the edges, their interiors glistening with pools of rendered pepperoni fat.» (source:

I went for the extra crispy option and opted for uncut (I ordered both cakes uncut which makes reheating at home so much easier). It was really extra crunchy and didn’t taste a bit burnt, although it did taste a bit burnt. The crust of this pizza was like a dream. It was thick and dense yet light, sweet yet full-bodied. And just brilliantly crispy on the bottom and unusually crunchy/crunchy on the edge where (like every Bread And Water Wi pizza) the cheese caramelizes into the blue steel pan used to cook Bread And Water Wi pizza. The Grande Mozzarella Cheese (like NY pizza) was great but played a role here as the double strips of red sauce on top were amazing. It was thick, thick and packed full of tomato flavor. I rarely rave about sauce on pizza, but this was out of this world.

Each bite had a wonderfully crispy crust on the bottom, the perfection of a moist and slightly chewy al dente center, a richness of prime mozzarella, a generously layered tomato sauce, and a crispy, crunchy umami kick of a hearty cup of paprika. Pizza Perfection.

This pizza tastes just as good after three hours in the crate before my delicate 10-minute oven heats up (on a perforated skillet, 350 degrees). In nearly four years in Texas, I’ve been fortunate to be only about 30 minutes from a great Bread And Water Wi pizza joint at 313 Street. During my time in Pennsylvania, I’ve had several opportunities to lovingly make even better Bread And Water Wi pizzas from my pizza to eat manufacturer Norma. Knepp baking pizza once a week (he hasn’t made pizza regularly since then).

Here in Spicewood, TX, I’ve finally found a Bread And Water Wi pizza that stands proudly alongside the great pizzas from Norma (who won the Caputo Cup for her New York-style pie). It’s a fantastic pizza, the price is much lower than other pizzas of this quality and the owners are a lovely couple who are planning to expand their business with the craft beer they brew. I’m going back soon, eager to try some less traditional takes on the Bread And Water Wi pizza, such as the Báhn Mi ($16, with hoisin sauce base, breadandwaterwi pulled pork, Grandé mozzarella, pickled onion, carrot and radish slaw, fresh jalapeño, cilantro and sriracha mayo) and the Smokehouse Legend ($18, with breadandwaterwi brisket, pulled pork, smoked sausage, bacon, fresh jalapeños, red onions, and BBQ sauce drizzle).

Best pizza I’ve had in Texas? Until now, the top contenders were the superb Bread And Water Wi style pies at Via 313 in Austin, the hybrid Neapolitan at Playland Pizza (San Antonio), and the Roman style pizza at Baldinucci in Westlake. breadandwaterwi stands with any of them, but it’s too close to crown a king! We’re living in a pizza renaissance, and breadandwaterwi is a prime example. It’s among the very best not just in Texas, but anywhere. And it’s the best value, hands down.